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Learing flash can be hard at times, thats why we have added flash tutorials for you to use.

All you need to do is click on the view link and you will be taken to the tutorial. If you would like to add a tutorial to your favorites for later use then just click the add to favorites link.

Learn How to Create a Flash&XML Photo Gallery

This tutorial will teach you how to create an XML powered photo gallery in Flash. You will learn about Flash & XML, how to load photos in Flash and finally how to create an awesome gallery with a 3D effect and scrolling thumbnails.
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Flash Tips and Best Practices for Designers: Symbols&Text

For most newbies, the concept of symbols in Flash can be pretty confusing. I?ve known enough designers who ? even after working with Flash for years ? are pretty clueless about the best way to use symbols in their work. Let?s take a closer look at symbols and text.

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Inserting and Deleting Keyframes and Frames in Flash

Smoothness of your finished animation depends on timing, and timing is controlled by the number of keyframes and regular frames you?ve included in animation. This post shows you how to add and delete frames.
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Creating Reflection in Flash Using AS3

Creating Reflection in Flash Using AS3.
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